You might not realize it, but tree services and trimming are actually things that should be done on a regular basis. Some of the services provided by eLandscaping:

tree trimming palm springs

Tree Service

  • Our tree service crews are perfect for that overgrown tree your neighbors keep complaining about. Our expert crews can prune and clean it up properly. No hack jobs here! Whether it’s a palm tree or a pine tree, we can trim it right and keep it healthy.
  • Want a particular shape? Our maintenance crews are trained in shaping and are always looking for a challenge. If you have something interesting you visualize, let us know! While we are not quite as good as Edward-Scissorhands, we definitely strive to be.
  • Sick tree? Give us a call and we can make recommendations to cure it or cut it down.
  • Palm Tree? Date Tree? Or other tall skinny tree? Our super-pro tree monkeys will climb and trim it up in no time.
  • Did you know, most palm trees should be trimmed and cut 2x per year? Call us to find out more!

Get an Expert

Trimming and removing trees might seem easy at first glance, but they’re actually no simple task. They require excellent skills, modern equipment, and years of experience for them to be done properly. So, if you need help with either of these tasks, call us here at eLandscaping now. We offer professional tree trimming and tree removal services and can assist you in creating a safer and more attractive garden.