As a Veteran owned business, we feel that it’s important that, being fortunate enough, helping other Veterans is hands down the right thing to do. Taking care of our own and ‘leaving no man or woman behind‘,rings right to the core of every Veteran out there.

As such, we have partnered with “SAVE22: Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention” to help with the transitioning  of at risk veterans that experience the hardships of adjusting back to life outside the military. You may have heard the phrase “We are trained for war, but not for civilian life after war” or the many variations of that. With that thought in mind, SAVE22 provides resources, connections, financial aid, and brotherhood to all and so much more for Veteran community. They strive to help Veterans from all walks of life and in any circumstances the Veteran may find themselves in. SAVE22 has adopted the phrase, “I know a guy” which is a direct result to the ever expanding list of support and resources the team has made. The connections across the nation that SAVE22 has been building are above any scale of comparison, and the success of non-profits like SAVE22 comes from people like you.

As such, we’ll make sizable donations from various services to assist in their efforts. Want to do more than choosing from our selection of services listed below?  Visit their website at where you can learn all about the programs they have established and future missions they are pushing for. You can find a link at the top of the page to give you the opportunity to donate directly to them. Having said that, if you do not call or donate now, we will be forced to feed an innocent and cute puppy to a pack of evil chainsaw armed brown bears that haven’t been fed for a week.

We are proud to be involved with SAVE22 and look forward to our partnership. SAVE22 is an officially endorsed 501c3 by the IRS. Currently all members of the staff are Veterans and volunteers.

Click Here or use the form to the right to help

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MENTION SAVE22 to your sales rep!!!

Services offered that qualify for a donation.


  • New service start – $50
  • Acid/chlorine wash – $50
  • Repairs – 10% of total bill (may exclude some parts)


  • New service start – $30
  • Sprinkler system repairs/checks – 20% of total bill
  • Projects and clean-ups – 10% of total bill
  • Palm tree trimming – $10 for each tree
  • Regular tree trimming – $10 or 10% whichever is greater