Proper care of your plants could mean the difference between the success or failure of your lawn. Anyone can blow and go, rake some rocks, etc. With eLandscaping, we want your plants to not only live, but thrive. Our maintenance plans are designed to ensure they stand the best chance to survive the harshness of the desert temperature swings, the insane heat, and the freezing colds. While we strive to never lose a plant, sometimes, nature has other plans.

Have grass? Proper weekly mowing and fertilizing will keep a nice luscious lawn, with a beautiful deep green color. But, besides looking absolutely sexy and gorgeous, there are numerous other benefits as well:

  • Greater tolerance to drought
  • Insect, disease, and weed resistance
  • Less temperature stress
  • Survives better in poor soil
  • Easier to golf on
  • Can handle higher amounts of foot traffic and other stressors

Give us a call to see what type, and frequency of maintenance you need to keep your yard in tip-top shape!

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Get an Expert

Trimming and removing trees might seem easy at first glance, but they’re actually no simple task. They require excellent skills, modern equipment, and years of experience for them to be done properly. So, if you need help with either of these tasks, call us here at eLandscaping now. We offer professional tree trimming and tree removal services and can assist you in creating a safer and more attractive garden.